The Wolf Hour (2019) Review

The Wolf Hour is a movie about a writer who writes a really good novel and then goes into recluse. She’s afraid of the world and won’t come out of her grandmother’s apartment she took over after her grandmother passed away in New York. As she is in the apartment she starts to run out of money and she’s trying to find ways to get money to continue staying there. One of her friends tries to help her and she throws her out of her life. She is forced to finish the next novel she’s writing because she got an advancement on it. She wants to get more money and the only way she can do so is to finish the novel. Naomi Watts stars in the movie. I thought it was decently done. Just a little strange and a little slow to be expected since most of the movie is based around her in this apartment the whole time. I wasn’t real impressed with the movie. If you like what you’re reading you know what you’re getting. I would give it two stars.