Doctor Sleep (2019) Review

Thank God for Stephen King. I have to say Doctor Sleep is a great sequel to The Shining. For those of us that have heard of The Shining, you’ll be happy with the movie. I thought it was a great job. The acting was really good, especially by Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson (who is super hot by the way) and Kyliegh Curran who does a phenomenal job in the acting in this movie. The movie if you’re one that’s not familiar with The Shining, is about a group slash cult that is mostly after children that have shown special abilities. They go after them to kill them and as their soul is leaving their body they feast on it to help them live longer. I thought it was a very well done movie. I would give it a good three and a half stars. I say it’s a must to see for pretty much anyone. Not what I would say is a scary movie. More of an eerie movie but definitely worth seeing!