Midway (2019) Review

Midway stars Dennis Quaid, Aaron Eckhart, Luke Evans, Nick Jonas, Woody Harrelson, and Patrick Wilson among others. This is a movie that starts with the attack on Pearl Harbor and then the movie shows you what happens after that. It was a very well done movie. I love the history lesson and what they show you about the Japanese; what they were thinking, how they provoked us into the Second World War, how the USA had to basically be mind readers to lead the charge against the Japanese after they attacked Pearl Harbor and what happened to all the servicemen that were involved following the USA’s attack after Pearl Harbor. I can’t say enough about how well the movie portrayed what these men and women went through. I thought it showed a lot as a history lesson as well as the movie portraying all the drama that was entailed through these endeavors. I highly recommend you see the movie. I give it 3 stars.