Downton Abbey (2019) Review

Downton Abbey. This movie was fit for a king and queen; yes there’s a pun intended! The movie was really good. If you’re a fan of the series you’ll definitely love it. You get your money’s worth even if you’re not a fan. There is a lot of drama going on. Obviously really good acting. Maggie Smith does a great job keeping the movie together as Violet Crawley. Obviously she is the matriarch of the series and does a great job acting as well as her character carrying the movie. If you enjoyed the series you’ll love the movie. It’s a really good movie. I give it a strong 3 stars love the drama and all the characters for those that don’t know the movie or the series this is a English family in the 1920s. Downton Abbey is an essential part of the town and thus entails the drama that follows.