Emergency (2022) Review

The only theater I found Emergency playing was at MJR. It really had a good storyline. It just wasn’t put together very well. It really could have been a much better movie had some money been put behind it. Obviously this is a low budget movie but it could have been a lot funnier and more interesting had they given more detail to it. The movie is about two college kids who want to do this big party run going to five parties in one night which is a rare feat for this college. This would have been a rare feat because the two are African-Americans getting ready to do this big night. They go home to grab some stuff to get ready and there is a white girl stone drunk on the floor. Then the movie takes on the dilemma of what to do with this girl. Like I said the storyline is really good. How it was put together should have been done a whole lot better. This really could have been a good movie. Maybe down the road someone will redo it and turn it into a good movie. I give it one and a half stars. It’s an hour and 45 minutes long.