For the Love of Money (2021) Review

For the Love of Money stars DC Young Fly, Jason Mitchell and Katt Williams. I have to say the movie was pretty good. It’s a low-budget film. The character Gigi Davis played by Keri Hilson is a strong determined woman who doesn’t want the families billions of dollars. When they find out that she’s pregnant and give her a hard time, she walks away to live life on her own terms. To survive financially she gets pulled in to the life she never wanted. Very good storyline. Give the movie some time to build up. It’s worth it. Keri Hilson puts on a great performance as well as Katt Williams. I have to say this is one of his best films. The part he plays is phenomenal. If you’ll like the movie, it has a gangster touch to it. You’ll enjoy this one. I give it two and a half to three stars. It’s an hour and 38 minutes long.