Greed (2020) Review

Greed is a movie about a fashion designer. It’s sad because this could have been a really good movie. I was disappointed because the story really needs to be told of people in other countries that are making the clothes we wear from these fashion designers who make millions and billions of dollars off the backs of people in poor countries. The story it tells is really good but the way it’s told was just a waste of film and was just stupid in my opinion. I was not really happy with it. Sad because what could have been a really good film because of the subject matter it had, just needed to be done a lot better. Donita Gohil did a really good job acting. I just felt really bad for what could have been a really good movie had a screenplay been done. I give the movie 1 star for what you see but three stars for the subject matter for what the movie is about. Running time is 1 hour and 44 minutes.