Time (2020) Review

First movie in about 5 months God it’s been long overdue waiting to watch movies out there hope you’re glad the movie theaters are finally open I hope you’re all enjoying it. The first movie is Time. I have to say I did not really like this movie. I’m for the Black lives matter movement I feel it’s been long overdue and I hope that between the police departments and all of those that get selected out, whether it’s Black lives, Latinos or any other group that the police get some kind of training to accept all as equal and treat all with fairness, as well as anyone that gets pulled over by the police, I hope you all give the police respect that their jobs in titles and don’t single anyone out that they’re a bad cop. Just because there are some out there, all should be treated the same way, because if you don’t then you’re no better then what you’re claiming they’re doing to you. With that being said, this movie here, Time, was really filled with hatred. I don’t get it because when I watch the movie, the main character is saying they had a good home and a good business and everything was going great and then they rob the bank. They want to blame robbing the bank on the white man. I don’t know where this movie came up with that. Did they make their money legally or illegally are they blaming the white man for why they had to make it illegally? It doesn’t really explain that. It just spews her hatred towards white people and I felt if that’s what you wanted to do you could have put a better way of doing it than the way they were showing it in this movie. I will say this; someone should have thought before they made this movie on what they were trying to put across because it just kind of goes nowhere except for spewing hatred so with that I would give the movie no stars unless you want to see someone just spew hatred and blame everything on the white man. Myself I wouldn’t waste my time watching the movie is it just drags on with nothing being said except hatred.