Hustlers (2019) Review

Next movie is Hustlers. Again the movie was just too long and there could have been so much more done with the film. I don’t understand Hollywood. You have a great subject matter. You have a movie that came out a few years ago being The Wolf of Wall Street. They could have taken so much from that movie and put it into this movie! Hustlers is about a group of women that were dancers and during the recession one of them came up with the idea to persuade men to go to their strip club where they would milk them out of their money. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have had more funny scenes as well as confrontational scenes which would have made this a much better movie. Hollywood please call me, I could have made you a much better movie with the subject matter you had to work with! The performances were really good, such as Jennifer Lopez’s character “Ramona”. I would have loved to see more of “Diamond” played by Cardi B but the movie was still a good movie. I would give it to to two and a half stars.