The Goldfinch (2019) Review

First movie is The Goldfinch. Don’t know why Hollywood loves long movies. I guess you feel you get your money’s worth by the longer the movie, but I have to say this movie is about an hour too long! The movie is about a young man and his mom who go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A terrorist bombs the place, he loses his mother and steals a painting. The painting stays with him through his life. I like the end of the movie. There’s a twist in it but it takes too long to get to it and drags on way too long doing. I give this movie about a 1 and a half to two stars. The acting was okay but the movie drags on too long which took down the performances. If you are interested in seeing the movie, I would wait as I don’t know if it’s worth spending money at the theater. I’m usually one that loves going to the theater but in this case it is just way too long of a movie. Hope you enjoy the movies!