In the Heights (2021) Review

Let me say first off I’m not a fan of musicals. If you want to see a musical, go to a theater to see a live performance. There you’re going to get to see two or three hours. In the Heights is two and a half hours which is way too long for a movie. I thought this movie would have been much better at two hours or less. It kind of drags you with all the dancing and singing going on. I will say I like the storyline of the movie Lin-Manuel Miranda did a really good job overall with it. The acting by Anthony Ramos and Jimmy Smits was great and a really good job played by Gregory Diaz, Jimmy Ramos character’s cousin really helped make the movie phenomenal. I thought the acting was really good and the overall movie storyline was phenomenal. Great story to tell. I just wish it would have been a little bit less singing and dancing and more of storytelling of the movie at hand. I still give it three stars because of the story and acting but if you like musicals or what you’re reading it’s a must-see movie. Just very long at 2 hours and 23 minutes.