Domino: Battle of the Bones (2021) Review

Domino: Battle of the Bones stars Snoop Dogg. I have to say sorry Snoop Dogg, this movie sucks. I get the idea that you’re trying to tell the story of dominos but it really would have been much better had you gave us a history lesson into where it started with the Chinese instead of just telling us that is started with the Chinese centuries ago. I would have liked to see how the Chinese came about with it and maybe some of the stuff that they went through with it. David Arquette stars in it as well and just didn’t do a whole lot for me. It just kind of centers around a tournament and some idiot preacher turn loan shark that just kind of made no sense. This is a 1 star movie at best. 110 minutes long and a wasted hundred and ten minutes but I love you Snoop Dogg. You’re the only thing that made the movie worth watching.