The Sparks Brothers (2021) Review

The Sparks Brothers features Ron and Russell Mael. I have to say I had never heard of these guys and I’m really big on bands and one hit wonders but these guys never had that one big hit, at least in the United States. They’re really nice guys. Their music has a techno pop disco rock type of sound so yes it was different. It belongs more in the 70s and 80s but to be honest with you it has a mellow tone type of sound. Most of the songs sound similar. That’s probably why they never have had one big hit. The music isn’t bad. It’s just kind of one song sounding like the other for the most part. The documentary drags on too long. This would have been much better if they would have cut off about 45 minutes to an hour out of it. They didn’t need to drag on the documentary that long. It makes it even harder when you’re trying to watch the documentary and understand it and it’s just dragging on. Apparently other bands knew of them. I myself like I said never heard of them till this movie but you can see there have been people that like them as they have filled concert venues by looking at the documentary. I would give the movie 1 star if you’re not into this stuff and 2 stars if you are. Again, it’s different as well as this sound of music but I would give Ron and Russell four stars as their musical efforts are concerned. As people in general, the documentary just wasn’t four me. It’s 141 minutes long