Julia (2021) Review

Julia is a documentary about Julia Childs. You have to be living under a rock to not know who she is. Even if you’re a youngster, you should know that Julia Childs is the foremost chef of chefs especially back in the day. This documentary tells you the story of her life and how she got into cooking which did come later in her life. A really good movie and very well done. I must say even if you’re not one that knows her, you will get to know her through this movie. I like that they went back to her childhood. When you hear her talk you think she was born in another country but you come to find out she was born in California, USA. She grew up there and then after she served as an intelligence officer during World War II. She then found out her passion for cooking. I have to say very well done movie, love the history of it as well as the snippets they show of her life and how she changed. Cooking as a whole and how all of us get to appreciate the chef in the kitchen. She definitely changed the way people look at cooking and the cook in the kitchen. Must see movie. I give it four stars. It’s 95 minutes long. I could have watched another two hours of this easily. We were so blessed to have had her as part of our lives. Thank God she was on TV for many years and her ways of cooking are documented forever.