Bruised (2021) Review

Bruised stars Halle Berry and she also directs this movie. She does a phenomenal job both in acting and directing. This is without a doubt her best performance next to when she won the Oscar. I believe she will get nominated for an Oscar in this movie. If she doesn’t that would be a shame. The movie is about Jackie Justice, an MMA fighter that has not done very well in her career as an MMA fighter but she is really good at fighting. As she is trying to get her career going again, her six-year-old son that she walked out on years ago comes back into her life and she has to choose between her fighting and raise the kid that she walked out on long ago. A really good movie with a great story to tell. I can’t say enough about Halle Berry’s job in this movie. She really put the movie together well and you can see that she put a lot of preparation into this character. I highly recommend you see it. I give it three and a half stars. It’s 2 hours and 9 minutes long.