Maiden (2018) Review

I want to say girl power in the earliest forms. So for all the women out there that want to know where the girl power time started, I’m sure long before this but it started to get its steam with people like Tracy Edwards. When she decided after going out on a cruise across the ocean in a boat race as something the she just decided she wanted to do and after doing it she said that you know what? I want to get an all girl crew and compete against the guys. And that’s what she did. A phenomenal movie. Something that everybody should go see. It was one of those movies where you get a lot of rah rah and you always see how the world portrays any sector of life whether it’s the women or the blacks against whites or any minority group for that matter that the white part of the gender male population makes it hard for anybody else to compete and they always dog them. Well there is no exception to this movie. They dog them as well. But it is nice to see the underdog do their thing. I highly recommend you go see the movie. You won’t be displeased and it’s a great history lesson. It is based on a true story and I feel it was a very, very good movie. I would give it a strong 3 ½ stars for what they do. The footage is all taken. That is another thing I liked about the movie. This was a movie that was smart for them to record it as they were going thru it and you really see some of the hard times they had to put up with as well as the men had to put up with and how they fought along their journey to do what they did in the race. So if you get the chance to go see it. it is an independent film so it is in limited theaters. If you are here locally it is at the Landmark’s Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak, MI and I highly recommend you to go see it.