The Farewell (2019) Review

The Farewell is an Oriental film based in China and America so you will see some subtitles in it. This is an independent film. It is showing here locally at the Landmark’s Main Art Theatre. If you want to go see it for any of you that live in the Royal Oak area, I highly recommend it. It is a movie, a true story, based on a family in China where part of the family moves here to America and they find out that their Grandma is ill in China so they go back to visit. You are going to see subtitles when they are talking in Chinese but the majority of it is in English. Very good film. Very well done. I give it 3 stars. Highly recommend you to go see it. The movie matter is really documented well as far as the directors part and the way it was written. This is a movie in regards to heritage because the Chinese culture believes you shouldn’t tell elderly people they are ill and are going to pass away. In America they feel like they are lying if they don’t tell them so the story line really really captivates you on the heritage and it’s a really good movie in the part that it shows you what it’s like in the cultures of the world and in America we don’t have that but we get to see it on different platforms like the Chinese or Latinos or the Asian and other descents that we have in our country. Its good to see the culture in this movie really brings that out and again, I really recommend you to go see it.