Nobody (2021) Review

I have to say Nobody was awesome. If you are one that likes action flicks you have to see this one. Bob Odenkirk does a phenomenal job. From the interviews I’ve seen him do, he said he prepared for 2 years for this movie and I can see that it paid off. He did a great job portraying an assassin who tries to be a family man and in the process things don’t turn out the way he had hoped. He gets involved with the Russian mafia who then comes after him and the action begins. The writers and producers who did the movie are the same ones that did the John Wick series. Derek Kolstad did a phenomenal job and I must say I don’t agree with Mark Kennedy from the Associated Press who apparently didn’t like the movie. Well this is the exact reason why I came up with my site because people like this should not give reviews because they don’t know what they’re talking about. This idiot gave this movie 1 star if you watch this movie you’ll agree this is easily a 3-plus star movie. I totally enjoyed it lots of action had laughs had a good story line I thought the movie was really well done I definitely recommend it. Running time is 92 minutes.