Onward (2020) Review

Well the movie Onward definitely didn’t go upward. This is something I didn’t expect from Pixar as they usually put out a really good movie. In this case I felt it dragged too much on the build-up and not enough at the end. The movie is about two brothers who lost their father. The father leaves behind a gift for the younger son to get when he turn 16. It just happens to be a magic staff that can bring the father back for a day. I was really looking to get more out of this movie. Pixar usually does deliver but not they’re storytelling in this case. It just took too long to get to the journey of the story which I felt this movie would have been much better had that journey started much sooner. They could have added a lot of other things in their journey to make it more interesting. As a movie I give it two and a half Stars. There is a really good story here and it finally gets to it in the end. The kids will love it but as far as the parents or adults, it is just so so. Running time is an hour and 42 minutes.