Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2020) Review

In Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Adele Haenel and Noemie Merlant put on a perfect performance. I have to say the acting by these two and the rest of the cast was phenomenal. The movie really works being a foreign film. I know it’s hard with the subtitles but this one is really, really riveting and just a very very good movie. It’s a love story but also the one character Adele Haenel is just trying to find out about love. Her family is giving her hand away to a man in another country and she’s afraid of what might or might not transpire and Noemie Merlant is there to paint her portrait for her mother of Adele Haenel. I have to say the movie is very very touching. You do get very engrossed into it because of the performance of these two. If you like this type of movie, I’d say definitely go see it. I would give it three to three and a half stars. Running time is 2 hours and 2 minutes.