Oscar Shorts (2021) Review

Oscar shorts is a group of movies that are up for Oscars this year. They are short films, most of them around 20 minutes. One of them is called Burrows about a rabbit who was trying to borrow a home and runs into a lot of other critters that burrow homes underground. As he’s trying to find his own home he runs into a lot of issues. I thought it was really good. The other one I really liked was the snail and the whale. This one had Sally Hawkins doing the narrating and I thought she did a phenomenal job as well as the storyline that goes with it. Basically the snail wants to get out of where it’s at and see the world and the whale helps him do this and along the way the adventures that they come across are life-changing for the both of them. There are several other shorts as well but I really like these two the best. Definitely say worth going to see this. It was very entertaining on all sides. Running time is 1 hour and 50 minutes. I saw this at the main Arts Theaters. It’s an independent theater. For all you guys out there, please help your independent theaters especially during these times. They need your help!