Panama (2022) Review

Panama stars Mel Gibson, Jackie Cruz, Charlie Weber and Cole Hauser. This movie is inspired by true events. It’s based upon Panama in 1989 where Noriega was heavily involved. A former ex-marine and his commander want to execute a high-value deal and they run into a lot of dangerous people of course as Panama was going through a local civil war. They run into lot of shady dealings and have to right the tide to bring himself home safely. This was not always easy as you’ll see in the movie. Wherever money’s involved there’s always going to be someone that wants to get the goods and the money and of course there will be some killing involved in doing this. This is a low budget film. It was okay. I felt it could have been done a little better. There were some parts that drags a little but for the most part the movie was okay. I give it two stars. 2 hour and 36 minutes long. The acting was decent there. There is some nudity and of course a lot of action.