Respect (2021) Review

Respect stars Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin, Forest Whitaker has CL Franklin, Aretha Franklin’s father, Marlon Wayans plays Ted White Aretha’s husband and Mary J Blige plays one of Aretha’s backup singers. This is a story about Aretha Franklin’s life and career. You get a really good overview from start to finish from a young Aretha Franklin through her recording career and bits and pieces up to her later years if you watch the credits. Very good acting in this movie. The overall cast did a phenomenal job and the director really got the most out of every actor on that screen. The screenwriters wrote a beautiful movie that would make Aretha Franklin very proud. Jennifer Hudson pours her heart out in this role. I was really impressed with Forest Whitaker, Marlon Wayans and the young girl, Skye Dakota Turner, who played young Aretha Franklin as well. This is a very well done movie. I highly recommend you see it. If you know Aretha Franklin you’ll get to know her even more by seeing the movie. I liked that they didn’t jump around in this movie. It went from a young Aretha Franklin through her life and I thought it was much more enjoyable doing it this way. I highly recommend everyone go see this movie. It was 2 hours and 25 minutes long and did not seem that long cuz the movie was that enjoyable. I give it 4 stars a must-see movie for everyone very enjoyable