Summer of Soul (2021) Review

Summer of Soul is a true event documentary of the legendary 1969 Harlem cultural festival. This was an annual festival. It’s actually the third one they had. There were thousands of people there. Some say 50,000, others say 300,000 but nevertheless, the bands that played there were some of the bigger ones at that time as well as comedians. I have to say that because this was a free event, to all those who came, they obviously got more than their money’s worth by all the acts that were playing for them and the comedians that were there. Sly and the Family Stones I thought stole the show but that definitely doesn’t take away from the other acts that were there. They did a phenomenal job. Staple Singers put on a great performance and you get a backstory of how they came about and again there’s a lots of performers you’re going to see. I was impressed with what it had to say. I thought it was a little long but definitely a great story to tell. Hats off to Questlove who it looks like put a lot of effort to make sure this came to life. It’s funny because this documentary and all the tapes that there are were sitting in someone’s basement for 50 years. The event did get some TV notoriety back in the day but not as much as Woodstock which came a little later and the moon landing that was happening right at this time might have overshadowed this event. I give it three stars. It was 117 minutes long.