Zola (2021) Review

Zola is based on an actual person who was a waitress in Detroit who strikes up a friendship with a customer who joins her on a trip to Florida that was supposed to be fun but turns out to be a nightmare. With this being a true story and the things that it tells you could have been a really, really good movie. The acting was good. It’s just the way they went about telling the story was totally stupid. I don’t know if it was the screenwriter or director or whatever transpired here but it was totally stupid. If they spent more than $500 making this movie they wasted their money. I can’t believe the story that this had to tell and they screwed this thing up that bad. This is like a zero star movie but it could have been a four star if it would have been done right. They should have called me. I could have put this thing together much better. I don’t know how they screwed it up but they did. It’s 87 minutes long and it’s 87 minutes wasted all the way to the end.