The Grudge (2020) Review

I have to say I have a grudge with the movie The Grudge. Yes a pun was intended. It wasn’t very well done. Not much of a plot line or story line. For anyone that saw the first movie, you know what it’s a continuation of. For those that haven’t seen the first movie this is about a girl that’s possessed and anyone that comes in contact with her or the house gets possessed as well and she follows them through their life haunting them. Yes the movie has some small scary parts but it’s more eerie than it is scary. I just wasn’t totally impressed. The people doing it are really good at at what they do but in the case of this movie I believe they missed the point. I give the movie 1 and a half stars. I sure hope they come out with some scarier movies in the future. Running time is 1 hour and 34 minutes.