Tyson’s Run (2022) Review

Tyson’s Run is a movie about an autistic child who is 15 years old and attends a public school for the first time. His life is changed because of this. His father who is the head coach of the football team is very engrossed with his job and doesn’t put enough time into his family. His son wants to take it upon himself to become a runner which he just stumbles upon but still wants to do this. His father doesn’t give his support, afraid that his son is not going to succeed. His father is afraid that if his son fails, it might crush the kids spirits. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot going into the movie but the acting was decent. Amy Smart stars in the movie. You can tell that this is a low budget film but the story in it is worth watching the movie for. I give it two and a half stars. It’s an hour and 42 minutes long.