Voyagers (2021) Review

Voyagers stars Colin Farrell, Lily-Rose Depp and Tye Sheridan. The movie is about a ship that is going to find another planet to take human life to, and it’s going to take 86 years to get there. So they set out with Colin Farrell being the captain and the crew that’s supposed to help get them to the next phase of the trip and they’re set out on a mission to get to this planet. Of course you know when it comes to rules no one wants to abide by them so as things go along things fall apart and you have your typical Sci-fi movie. I wasn’t real thrilled with the movie. The acting was good. Lily Rose Depp did a really good job playing the doctor on the ship but the movie itself wasn’t anything different than your typical sci-fi movie. I give it two stars. Running time is an hour and 48 minutes.