West Side Story (2021) Review

West Side Story is directed by Steven Spielberg. This is a movie set in 1957 New York City about two gangs that do not like each other and the two young loves stuck in the middle. If you’ve seen this long ago, this is a remake. If you haven’t, you have basically what I just told you as a premise of the movie. Typical boy meets girl falls in love. He’s torn between the gang that he’s in and the girl that he loves. Ansel Elgort plays Tony, Rachel Zegler plays Maria, Ariana DeBose plays Anita, David Alvarez plays Bernardo, Mike Faist plays Rick, Josh Andres Rivera plays Chino, Ana Isabelle plays Rosalia, Corey Stoll plays Lieutenant Shrank, Brian D’Arcy James plays Officer Krupke and Rita Moreno plays Valentina. She is one of the originals from the original West Side Story. This is also a musical so you know you’re going to get some singing and dancing but there’s a great story being told here. I give it three stars. It’s 2 hours and 36 minutes long. You know you have a good movie when Spielberg is behind it.