Brothers by Blood (2021) Review

Brothers by Blood is another mob Style movie. It’s about a son. His dad dies and the uncle takes takes him in to live with him and he grows up with his cousin as being pretty much being his brother. The movie kind of centers around the one brother being the good and the other brother being the bad. It is just a constant back and forth between a stupid brother and good brother which are actually cousins but the movie just really didn’t do a whole lot for me. It just kind of really dragged around a lot. I think if they would have put this together with a format I’m showing you in the beginning what was going on by the healthy storyline as well as the movie in general, it would be a much much better film to watch. It’s really sad when you get some good actors and you’ve got a good plot to a movie and the writers just don’t put it together. They waste everybody’s time including all of us who have to watch this but this could have been a whole much better movie. Joel Kinnamann does a good job being the bad brother but it’s just hard because of the script that they’re handed isn’t developed enough to tell the story in the fashion that it could have been told so yes I felt it’s a waste of time for you to watch at the theater. It’s okay but I really wouldn’t give this movie more than about two stars. Running time is 1 hour and 30 minutes.