Minari (2021) Review

Minari is a movie about a Korean dad and family who want to live the American dream. They come to America to try and fulfill there dreams. The dad is played by Stephen Yeun who did a really good job. His character comes to America to try to build a better life for his family. He buys some property in Arkansas with a mobile home on it and his wife is not happy with what he’s doing. He has to resort to chicken sexing as a job to help pay the bills. As he tries to get the farm life going, their son who has health issues and his mother’s concern of it does not like living so far away from a hospital. This creates friction between Jacob and Monica and the story of trying to live there. There are a few laughs in the movie. There is a very good story being told here. The acting was really good and made it very believable. I would give it three stars and definitely say go see it. Running time is an hour and 55 minutes