Dara from Jasenovac (2021) Review

Dara from Jasenovac is a foreign film. It does have subtitles and is a really good movie set during World War II when the Croatians were making life miserable for the Serbs. It was very similar to what Hitler was doing to the Jews. Very telling movie. Fantastic acting. Very very believable and obviously a great history lesson of what was happening at that time and the job that Dara does taking care of her family as well as all the pressures and the lessons of life that she is learning at a young age. Very trying. What a phenomenal job of acting by Biljana Cekic who plays Dara Ilic. This movie makes you actually feel like you’re right there. I give it 4 stars and say it’s a must-see. Running time is 2 hours and 10 minutes.