Red Rocket (2021) Review

Red Rocket is a funny movie based on a guy from the town in Texas that goes back home after being a porn star and his career is over. At this point he goes home to try and regroup himself and thinks he has another chance at going back to Hollywood and tries to find his way back. Really crazy movie. It’s a low budget film. The director does a really good job of getting the best out of his actors and the new guy here Simon Rex is a cross between the quirkiness of Johnny Knoxville and the poise and creativity of Jason Bateman. He even looks like he could be Jason Bateman’s brother. He does a really good job for someone that has not had a great amount of acting. You wouldn’t know it. His job in this film is spot on. He does a phenomenal job. He carries a movie as well as the park of the newcomer Suzanna Son playing Strawberry. I have to say if you like these quirky kind of movies you’ll enjoy this one. I have to give this movie two and a half to three stars. If the end of this movie had ended a little bit earlier and got to the point of what’s this movie was about, I’d have to give this movie three and a half to four stars but I did like the performance of Suzanna Son. That’s what kept my interest and for you women out there who like to see some wee-wee’s, you’ll get it because there’s several scenes where he is butt naked and one that he is running over and you see everything. The guys get their share of Suzanna Son who also has a topless scene. This is definitely an R rated film so make sure you don’t have any young ones with you. The movie is two hours and 10 minutes long.