The Kitchen (2019) Review

The Kitchen has a great soundtrack. If you’re into your 70’s and early 80’s music, you get a lot of that with this movie so you’ll love the soundtrack on The Kitchen. As far as the movie, I love the concept of it. I’m all for the girl power and that. I just think that the director really needed to push the actors to do a better job as far as being tougher. If the girls that were running the mafia would have been more like the Mom, I think this thing would have been much more believable and would have gone over a lot better. The movie was a good movie as far as the concept of it and what they tried to do. I like Tiffany Haddish’s character Ruby O’Carroll. I wish Elisabeth Moss depicted the character of Claire Walsh with more of a psycho side and that Domhnall Gleeson who played the part of Gabriel O’Malley would have been just a little bit more off the edge. It would have made that much more stronger as his character and her Claire a little deeper into that also would have made things much better for the movie. Again, Melissa McCarthy did a great job. I just think they really needed to push these girls to be a lot tougher. It would have made this a much better movie. I give it 2 stars. Not as bad as some people made it. It just needed a little bit more pushing by the director and it would have made this much, much better. Enjoy the movie. You’ll love the soundtrack on it and have a good time.